Many know the benefits a good photo can provide to boost your listing. However, little is known about the value lying in professional real estate videography. Exactly what advantages can it provide?

  1. Home Value Increase

  2. Customers like it Better

  3. Brand Building

  4. Video is the X Factor

  5. Video Gets Noticed

Professional Videography Does All That?

Yes it does actually! But first allow me to make a distinction, there is a difference between professional and amateur real estate videography. This difference is clearly evident in the final product. An experienced videographer has a process down and knows exactly what they need to capture in a home to show it in the best light. Their product will be crisp, high-quality, and flow seamlessly. On the other hand an amateur has little and in some cases no experience, and it shows.

While hiring a professional may cost out of pocket, the service pays for itself and here’s why.

1. Home Value Increase

The biggest concern with hiring a videographer or any additional services for a listing is return on investment…as it should be! The investment in quality professional videography has been proven to return exponentially. One of the biggest ways it does this is through giving the house a higher precepted value.

According to a survey conducted by Tubular Insights viewing video increased the precepted value of a home by 5.7% which translated to a $24,490 increase above the $407,839 average perceived price with descriptors only! Without an in-person tour, a high-quality video walkthrough raises the value of this home by a pretty respectable amount. A value worthy of giving video services a shot on your next listing.

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2. Customers Like it Better

Among other benefits it was found by Virtuets that 73% of homeowners would be likelier to list with a realtor utilizing video to market their home.

People only do business with people they know, like, and trust. Not many industries rely on this concept as much as the real estate industry.

Selling a home is not something people take lightly. Beyond monetary value, people develop emotional connections with their homes and it takes a strong trust for homeowners to choose a realtor to sell their home successfully with their best interests in mind.

A great way to build trust is through building a brand, something real estate videos aid in doing.

3. Brand Building

Think for a minute about a scenario. You are selling your home and have narrowed the search to two agents to help in this process. Both have quality websites and receive good ratings and customer feedback.

They are differentiated by one factor. The first uses photos and descriptors alone, while the second having these includes an additional feature… Professional real Estate video with a clean looking callout at the beginning and end with their picture and contact information.

Their name is associated with a crisp, high quality product. It gives them a comparative edge over a similar realtor of good quality, just that little extra to stand out from the crowd.

4. Video is the X Factor

Professional Real Estate Video sets you apart from other realtors. They are different and unique and nowadays with the volume of active realtors every tool that can help put you a notch above the competition needs to be used.

Photos can do a lot for a customer in terms of allowing them to visualize the home and see it as a place they could see themselves and their family living. But a video walkthrough speaks so much more about a home than a photo could ever dream of doing.

5. Video Gets Noticed

Nowadays most of the home search process is done on the internet. In fact according to the National Association of Realtors 51% of people found the home they ended up purchasing online. This outweighed the real estate agent statistic of 30% by a very respectable margin.

The internet is quickly being understood and viewed as the premier marketing tool above old-fashioned methods such as yard signs, pamphlets, and brochures.

It has been proven to be 57% easier to achieve a page one ranking on Google with video. This number is important because as we all know the first page is where nearly all search traffic comes from.

Think for a moment when is the last time you searched for something and went to the second page or beyond to find the answer?

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits this service provides and elevating yourself and brand name to new heights contact us here!